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Art by Kris Toumazo NFT

this is the official web site to the collection. Original hand drawings and digital renders, every day experiences combine to create a 500 pieces collection. Utilities in multiple metaverses like Spatial , Monaverse, Matrixworld, Arcadeland, Stageverse and more. follow my social media to keep up with the latest news from this collectionšŸ™šŸ¼original drawings and prints are also available as merch.metaverse galleries available to buy/rent or host special events join Discord for more info. each NFT grands the holder one custom made gallery or shop within our Spatial metaverse

ABKT Surrealist is part of the Art by Kris Toumazo ecosystem and it consists of 100 one of one surreal NFTs on the Etherium blockchain.


Metaverse assets:

As the project moves forward i have been developing galleries on Monaverse and Spatial. Galleries developed on Monaverse are available to purchase and edit as you like. As for our Spatial asset all Art by Kris Toumazo NFT holders are legible to claim their own gallery to edit and link with our main hub. For any questions please join our Discord

Metaverse tattoo convention

Galleries made on Monaverse






Stageverse assets

Our land parcel in Arcadeland metaverse

Our land parcel on Matrixworld metaverse

Metaplaces small offices

xspace by IVS

introducing our game universe called Metaden beta. Metaden is a social hub game created on core game engine with portals to mini games.

about KTT token

what is KTT token?

KTT is short for Kris Toum Token. It is an erc20 contract crypto token based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with low gasfees. Itā€™s made to reward investors and collection owners giving them the ability to utilize crypto benefits in real life utilities and goods.

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